NOT being somewhere can be as significant as being there.

And if you HAVEN’T been there, or DIDN’T do the thing that you would have done if you had been there to do it… do you STILL get the t-shirt?

Whoa. Deep.

Yes, we quite fancy ourselves as philosophers sometimes. Especially after a glass (or few) of red wine. Which is, incidentally, how the idea for this site came about. That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

But, even in the cold hard (sober) light of morning, the concept made sense, as did our t-shirt designs. Well, sense to us, at least.

We figure not everyone will get our t-shirts, and consequently not get them either. But if you do both get them and get them (and get what the heck we’ve just said here), then you may consider yourself superior to the vast masses of mere mortals out there. Your brain obviously functions at a higher level and allows you to understand sophisticated humour such as is found here.

To you, we therefore say: welcome.

Come on in and make yourself at home:

We were most recently not there when:

Santa Claus Came To Town (Black) shirt

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